Weekly Writing

June 15, 2008


“Wasted Time”

By Larry John


We all have so much time here on earth. Today may be our last day or we may live to be a hundred or more. And knowing that, it is hard to imagine why we waste so much time not doing what we really want to do in life. We know that the clock is ticking but we continue to say, “Someday I will…..” but we never get to that, the most important of lists.


I think that most of the procrastination is because of thinking that our TIME will never run out. But it will. That’s why when people say “someday” I always say, “How about today?” The come-backs are always “good” excuses that make sense and have credible reasons, but they are all excuses. We are all guilty and no one is to blame. We all think that there will always be TIME to make our dreams come true. And in our desire to “someday do what we really want to do” we don’t feel guilty about wasting time because there will always be time. But time is very seldom on our sides.


A life of unaccomplished dreams is what most of us have when we leave this existence, so in order to cope with this dilemma we just say, “it really wasn’t that important” or “I really didn’t want to do that anyway.” But we are lying to ourselves. Most of us just run out of time. And the fact is that there are some things you can only do when you are young. I have so many friends who think they can still work as hard as a young man, and they can’t. They think they can make love as long, and they can’t. They think they can run a marathon like they did when they were young, and they can’t. They think they will have time for friends and family, and little by little friends and family disappear. I feel sad for fathers and mothers who say “someday I will have time” to be with the children, but when they finally have time, their children have no time for them. They say someday they will play golf, they will move to Seattle, they will retire, they will pay their home off, they will invest in real estate, they will write a book, they will learn to play the guitar, or travel to world, and the list goes on and on. But the sad part is they never do. They run out of time, of energy, of their youth, of their resources, and of friends. But they still say “someday.” And SOMEDAY never comes.


We all waste too much time and spend it like we had a bank full of it. Why do we all do this? Because we think, “I will always have time to do that.” And we don’t. Think about it….but you probably won’t.