Weekly Writing

May 11, 2008


“The Whole World Has Gone Mad!”

By Larry John


Sometimes I think I am the only sane and intelligent person on the planet. Of course that is not so…but sometimes it sure seems so.


Yep…I think that perhaps everyone has gone mad? I feel like the things people say are stupid. People live in a dream world and no one seems to say, “What the hell is wrong with you?” Friends and colleagues talk as if they are going to grab the brass ring at any moment; always reaching, never taking, never doing…they are crazy. They create dream castles and move into them. Now that said, what if they are all sane and I am crazy. Maybe I don’t get life. Maybe I see things upside down and think that is normal. But what if I am not crazy and see things as they really are. Because that’s the way I see them… I see things as they really are… and most all others see life as they hope it is, but isn’t. They walk and talk as normal people but they are idiots making up stories about their lives that don’t exist. They make up stories of their lives and move into these stories as the star, the lead character, the great hero, the accomplished one. But their stories are not reality. They are fictions.


The other day I was talking with a man who was telling me all the great things that are happening in his life, but the sad part about his perception was that none of the things were true. They were all perceptions of his life that only he had. Nothing was true. But sometimes the dreams of our lives become our perceived reality as if they were true, but they are not. Yep, and these perceptions are talked about by these idiots as if they were actually happening, but they are not. And now it seems like most people are insane like this. Their perception is their reality. And that’s their truth.  Their perceptions would not be harmful if they actually took action to make them real but it all remains boastful talk, visions of a life not actually lived, dreams that will be awakened from leaving foggy memories of life not really lived.


But for us who stand on the sideline and watch the game they are playing, we are scratching our heads and say, “Am I the only sane person on earth?” There is no game and yet they are playing one as if there were a game and they are the superstar of this game. So they tell us about how incredible they are and how they are the SUPERSTAR quarterback of their life, but there is no game. There are no fans in the stands. There is no Super Bowl. But they don’t seem to see it that way. In fact when you point out the fact that the “emperor has no clothes” they seem to think that I am the idiot. “What do you mean the emperor has no clothes? I can see my fine apparel.  I am the emperor and I am wearing new clothes.” Well, no you are not. You are naked. You are insane. Your perception is NOT reality. The reality is your life is not as you perceive it. Stop the madness and see things as they really are. You are living a dream and to me it is a nightmare from which you may awaken…terrified. You are not as incredible as you think because your dreams do not move you to act in any credible way. You are not as intelligent as you think. You are not the person you tell others you say you are. No one is. We are all deceived by ourselves and should open our eyes and notice our nothingness. Then rebuild our lives and see ourselves as we really are. Take a closer look at the idiot you are. Turn your talk into action.  Think about it.