Weekly Writing

May 28, 2008


“Sex is more important than we care to talk about!”

By Larry John


I have a Larryisms that says “I think Sex is much more important than we care to talk about.” And that is the problem. We kid about sex. We think about sex. We make jokes about sex. We watch sex in movies and on the internet. We can’t wait to have sex the first time, the next time, and more times…but we just don’t really TALK about it. Sex is a bad thing. Oh, sure, it is a good thing if you want to have children, but to say how much you enjoy it and how important it is to all of us is “unspeakable.” We just don’t really talk about it much. And those that do are considered terrible. Society won’t talk about it much. Most religions call it a sin except for when having it in the name of God to raise God’s little angels (children.)  And heaven forbid we like having sex and talk about it in mixed company…you are the Devil himself.


And yet it is the act of sex that makes life so fun and enjoyable. It is sex that we all (at least most of us) want, desire, and need to be most happy and fulfilled in life. And the best part, most of us can have sex, but most of us can’t or won’t talk about sex. It is the great taboo. We are not only ashamed of our nakedness, we are ashamed to even talk about the most fun a person can have naked. Sex! And so we all think and we don’t talk. And we think we are the only one who thinks about sex as much as we do. We are ashamed of it. We have been told that we shouldn’t like sex as much as we do and if we do, we are bad people. We are not normal. But we are more normal than those who “try” to not think about sex. Normal people think about sex a lot. We are more animals controlled by our instincts than we think we are. And even though it is perfectly normal, we try not to think about it and never, ever talk about it.


So for a second, let’s imagine a world where people could talk about food the way they talk (really don’t talk) about sex. “I really enjoyed some wonderful lasagna the other night…but to talk about it would be wrong.” “I have a great recipe for a tuna casserole but, I can’t share it with you. God wouldn’t want me to do that. It just wouldn’t be right. This is not the time or the place.”


People in Europe think we are way too “up tight stupid” about our puritanical way of looking at sex. Now I am not saying that we go “crazy” here either. Everything in moderation…even talking about sex should be in moderation. There is a time and place for everything. But when the time and the place are right…let’s talk and not consider it evil. And just watching sex in an R rated movie or on TV won’t kill you. We have progressed past that, right? Well…sadly we haven’t. I hear people saying all the time; I can’t watch that “stuff”…I can’t get it out of my mind. Well, you can’t get it out of your mind anyway.

I have talked to “guys” about sex openly and it is amazing how incredibly “guilt ridden” they are about their sex thoughts. They really thought they were the only ones that had those “fun sexy” thoughts. They are so surprised they are not alone. All men and women have these thoughts. And the more they try to stop thinking about sex, the more they think about sex. Don’t think about an ELEPHANT….see I got you. I told you to NOT think about an ELEPHANT…and look at you…you thought about an ELEPHANT.


And if you really don’t want to talk about sex or food or movies or elephants…then don’t do it. But you should be able to do so if you wanted to…and the time and place were right…right? Think about it…or maybe you shouldn’t. That’s up to you.