Weekly Writing

June 8, 2008


We all live in our own personal shells.

By Larry John


I am sure that we have all heard that in order for a little chicken to live, it not only must get out of its shell; it must also do it by itself. If you help it out, it will die. I find that interesting in that it is the same for the human. We must break out of our shells in order to live. And the fact is we have to do it on our own. If we try to let someone else “peck” us out, we never really live a complete and authentic life.


Most humans never even get out of their shells let alone do it themselves. They grow up believing as their parents or society tells them, never questioning what they have been taught. And then when it comes to their own personal beliefs they give themselves over to a church or religion and follow the idea and thinking of others. They even turn their “souls” over to a God they don’t know nor can they ever know. They just believe and never doubt. They stay in their personal shells and eventually die. You see, just like the chicken, we must peck out of our shells if we really want to see things as they really are and really follow our own personal path and authentic, personal life.


And the curious thing to me is that even though we all know this when it comes to a chicken, very few of us ever get out of our shells and don’t know it. We think that everyone is just like them and live in the same shells as others. But we don’t. Each person has a shell that is personal to their own being. If we continue to live in our shell life seems normal. We think we are normal. We think that all mankind is in one big shell together. But we are not. We all are one egg with a shell of our own personal choosing. But most of us choose to stay inside our shells because it is comfortable. We love our shells. We never want to leave them because we are “at home” there. And that’s the sad part. We never even try to peck out of our shell because we love our shell. It is safe inside the shell. And little do we know that by staying in our shell we never live. We actually die in our shells because the goal of live is to GET OUT and LIVE.


And even people who begin to peck out of their shells many times give up. It is too hard and painful. So we half peck and are still trapped in a half pecked shell of belief and disbelief. We are in our shells, but know that we need to peck out, but we never do. We just fall back inside our half pecked shell and die. We give up. It is too painful and too hard to keep pecking.


So where do you find yourself? Are you still in the shell you were in since you were born? Don’t give up. Peck! Continuing to peck to “see things as they really are” is worth the pain and work. But most of you won’t know there is a way out of the old beliefs and teachings you find comfort with inside your shell. Peck and you will find a whole new world of understanding and joy. It’s all there for the pecking. Think about it.