Weekly Writing

April 27, 2008


“Growing Older But Not Growing Wiser”

By Larry John


I am always amazed how many people I know have grown older, but have not grown up, or even the least bit wiser. They are still the same “stupid” people they were in high school. Their thinking has not progressed, even a little. They are still governed by “emotional” type thinking and they are still “reacting” to life rather than making their life better in a “proactive” way. And the reason, in large part, is because they don’t exercise. I don’t mean their bodies, even though that is important also, but they don’t exercise their minds. These people never really think. They think that that think, but they really don’t think. Their minds are still mostly vested in “facts and figures” thinking, believing that thinking has to do more with the answers than the questions.


To really exercise your mind you need to think about the questions of life. Most people allow religion or society to think for them. They don’t really think for themselves. Now I realize that thinking requires effort. It is not that easy to think about and explore possible conclusions that might increase our joy and happiness in life. We want others to do that for us so we don’t have to “grow up” and be responsible and accountable for our lives. We want to blame our problems on others and for the most part defer to other people we think are smarter than we are to do our thinking for us. Why? Because THINKING is hard work!


If you are going to think about the QUESTIONS and not concentrate on the ANSWERS you have been brainwashed to believe, you might have to give up some beliefs that you hold very dear. You have to be willing to question everything and consider the possibility that you may have to CHANGE your thinking. And changing your most loved beliefs and thoughts taught to you by religion and society HURTS. And it is easier to believe than to THINK and QUESTION.


So what do you think about most of the time? Sports? Work? Religion? Sex? Relationships? Food? Movies? TV? Hobbies? Money? Sure you do. I do too. But I add one more thing. I QUESTION everything about these subjects and so many more. I try to see things as they really are…not what I have been taught they are or what I want them to be, but what they really are. Society and governments, clubs, and organizations like to teach us to BEIEVE in them, when in reality we shouldn’t believe in anyone or anything as much as we do OURSELVES. I choose to believe in MY thinking to be responsible and accountable for my life. I know that “shit will happen” but much less “shit” will happen if I take control of my own personal thinking. My evolution of thinking continues to evolve as I think more and more about more and more. Some of the conclusions I held to be true a few years or every months ago no longer work. I love the evolution of my own personal thinking. I am getting happier with this thing we call life because of my THINKING. And MY thinking is not meant for everyone. I want to continue to get WISER as I grow older. I can’t help but grow old, but the desire for WISDOM is a choice. I want to grow older AND wiser. How about you? THINK ABOUT IT!