Weekly Writing

May 17, 2008


“It’s enough to KNOW that it WORKS!”

By Larry John


I have a friend who is an “analytical.” That means he never stops asking WHY and HOW things work. It is not enough for him to just know THAT IT WORKS. What I mean by that is that no one really knows ALL there is to know or HOW or even WHY electricity works…we all just know that it DOES. I know that most of the time (unless there is a power failure) I can go to the light switch and turn it on and the lights will go on. That’s enough for me. I really don’t want to know all about the positive, the negative, the power plant, the grid, the water turbine, and the list goes on and on….I just need to know that if I walk over to the light switch and turn it up or down…lights will go on. But that is not enough for my friend. He can’t appreciate the “light” unless he knows HOW it works.


Now I am not saying that I am not curious….but some things just work and we don’t need to know WHY or HOW to be “enlightened” by the fact that they do. Is there a higher power or is there not a higher power is not nearly as important as the fact that there are “laws of physics” that always work regardless if we know HOW or WHY. They just work. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” is a law of physics regardless of the HOW or WHY. It just is. We all know when we are happy regardless of knowing the specific reasons for our happiness. It is enough to sometimes just be happy and enjoy being happy. Frankly, when you try to examine the reason you love or why you feel happy or like ice cream or a taco it just takes away the enjoyment of the “moment.” If you have to ask yourself every time WHY you are happy or HOW COME you are happy, then forget about being happy for very long.


Scientists who know HOW and WHY electricity might work are no happier with the “result” of using electricity to make their lives better. And frankly even if a scientist knows everything there is to know about electricity and won’t use it unless he knows more about the WHY and HOW, he might as well not have electricity to make his life better. Now you might say, “Well I need to know HOW electricity works so it won’t hurt me or burn down my house or electrocute me…” I can agree with you. However, even WHEN you know WHAT to do to make sure that electricity doesn’t hurt you it doesn’t allow electricity work to make your life better unless you USE electricity. If you become so concerned about electricity hurting you more than how it can make your life better….I feel sad for you. We don't know how LOVE works...but we either choose to love and experience all the joy and the pain or we choose not to love. But the more you try to analyze love...the less you know about love.


The laws of the “universe” or the laws of physic are still laws whether we want them to be or not. Sometimes it is just enough to know that the laws work and that if you work with the laws they will work for you to make your life better, happier, more joyful, and fulfilled.  Think about it.