Weekly Writing

June 23, 2008


“Faith and Hope”

By Larry John


Most of us have been taught that it is good to have faith and hope, especially when it comes to believing in God, religion, country, etc., and as a result we do. We have faith that our religion for example is “true” and we have hope that what we are doing will get blessed by God and eventually into heaven. I don’t have faith or hope in any of that, but many do. To me it is pretty silly, but that is just me.


You see it is possible to have faith in anything. I could believe that God is a radish and even if I believe that, it doesn’t make it true. I could even have “experience” with my God Radish and believe and hope that he can bring me blessings and riches. But it has been my “experience” that no matter what you have faith in or hope in, the faith and hope works about 50% of the time. And those are great odds.


So if you choose to have faith that Jesus is God or that my radish is God, it is still just faith and hope that we chosen to have. If you have faith in Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, or a Radish…that is up to you. But regardless of what you have your faith or your hope in… it doesn’t make it true no matter what you say. But if you want your faith to lead to experience and not more faith, then I agree with you. I used to have faith that I could play the guitar, but now that I have experience, I don’t’ need faith anymore. I just play the guitar because I have experience and not that I have faith. I don’t hope I can play the guitar. I play the guitar. I have no more need of faith or hope when it comes to playing the guitar.


So ….what do you have FAITH in? What is your HOPE? I give you the right to have faith in anything or anyone. I give you the right to have hope in anything or anyone. But please don’t expect me to have the same faith and hope. And no matter how strongly you KNOW that your faith and hope is TRUE, give me the right to NOT have faith and hope in your beliefs. Because no matter how much you say you KNOW….you don’t really know. You may hope….you may wish…you may feel a strong burning in your soul…but it is YOUR hope and faith. Not necessarily my hope and faith. Again we can have faith and hope in anything we choose… but we choose. It is only true to YOU and not all mankind.


Most people have faith that there is another existence after this one, whether it be heaven or hell or reincarnation. Of course we want there to be an afterlife. But no one really KNOWS if there is an afterlife or not. We only HOPE there is because death is the great unknown. So have faith in an afterlife and have hope that it is exactly like you think, but please be honest enough to say… “I DON'T KNOW but I sure do have a personal faith and hope there is.” Think about it.