Weekly Writing

April 6, 2008


“What Defines You?”

By Larry John


One of the things that brings happiness to life is the ability to “define” one’s self. Some call it their “purpose” or “meaning of life.” They have decided why it is that they were sent here to earth. Why they get up in the morning; what they think about day and night; why they love life; why God created you. However, for those of us who don’t believe in a higher power of any kind, we have to give our lives “meaning” because a God-given meaning is not part of our thinking. We don’t believe that life has a meaning, however, WE give life meaning. We give life the meaning we want it to have.


For me, my life has meaning as a salesman. I was born to sell. I love everything about it and it has made me a good living in life. Most people don’t think the title of salesman means that much. In fact, most people would rather do anything instead of sell. And I don’t care what I sell. I just love to sell. I like seeing if I can get people to buy my products and services. As long as I truly believe in the products and services I sell…I love to sell it. That’s what defines me best. I am a salesman. That’s not all I am. I am a Philosopher, Writer, and Publisher. I am also a Businessman, Entrepreneur, Investor, Thinker, Humanist, Educator, Author, Broadcaster, Musician, Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Executive, Business Consultant, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Cowboy, Maui Beach Bum, and much more. However, I like the title of SALESMAN. I am good at it and it is something I have worked hard to be. Yep, being a salesman defines me.


So, what defines you? What is it that turns you on? What gives life meaning to you? Most people don’t know. They are just existing until they die, hoping that nothing really bad will happen to them in the process. That’s no way to live life. I’d like to suggest that you try a little mental exercise. Complete the “I AM” question. When I ask myself my “I AM” question, I complete it most effectively for “me” by saying, I AM A SALESMAN. Now I could answer in a million other ways. I AM A FATHER. I AM A BUSINESSMAN. I AM A HUSBAND. I AM A GOOD GUY. I AM A LEADER. I AM A WRITER. I AM A FRIEND. However, I have chosen to complete the “I AM” question with I AM A SALESMAN. That gives me joy when I say it. And it gives me joy when others say, “Larry, you are the world’s best salesman. No one is better.” Now whether that is true or not doesn’t matter. It makes me happy. It defines me the way I want my life to be defined.


So again, I ask you the questions. What defines YOU? If life really has no meaning, why not give it YOUR meaning? That’s really what is important for increased happiness and personal purpose. Define yourself by giving your life a definition. And the best part is YOU are the one who chooses. Life is as YOU make it. Think about it.