Weekly Writing

May 4, 2008



By Larry John


People say that the biggest thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to reason and make choices….but I have seen horses make choices.  Some say that which separates us from the animals is the human’s ability to love…but I have seen animals love. Other say that which separates us from the animals is our ability to communicate…but we know that all animals communicate with each other. They may not “talk” but they sure communicate. But I say that which makes us different from the animals is the human’s ability to CREATE. I have never seen a horse move its water trough from one corner of its stall because the horse thinks it would look better there.


The problem with CREATIVITY is that it can’t be defined. One man’s creation is another man’s trash. Humans love to create. Some love to landscape and garden, some love to beautify the inside or the outside of their home, some write music, some write literature, some do design or crafts, others create businesses, some create wars, others try to create peace, some create governments, some create philosophies and mythologies, some create art, some create churches, some create inventions, some create by organizing, some create by building their bodies, others create by teaching others to create, some create by producing TV shows and movies, some create by selling creatively, some create when by imagining the way things “should” be, some create with woodworking, some create by reading to inspire imagination or knowledge, some create through building homes, some create through sports either vicariously or directly, some create by birthing and raising children, some create by training animals,  others create by cooking, some create by repairing and fixing things, and the list never stops. Creation is that which separates humans from other animals. Humans create. They can’t help it. It is what they do and must do or they die. If they stop creating they die mentally and yes, physically. We must keep creating. It’s what we do.


So what is the creation you passionately pursue?  If you have lost your ability to create you are slowly, if not rapidly, dying. You must create or die. So again, what do you create? Is this creation your PASSION? Is this passion that which makes YOUR life worth living? And are you creating and expanding your passion for life? If so, you are extremely “creatively” driven and life is happy and fulfilling. If not, you are sad and slowing dying mentally and physically. You must create.


Again, creativity can only be defined by he that creates. There is no agreement on creativity as to WHAT it is…but we all know creativity when we are passionately engaged in creation. Are you? If not…stop the madness. Create! You have no choice. It is what you do. Think about it.