Weekly Writing

April 13, 2008


“Closer and Closer to the Close”

By Larry John


As we grow older there are so many of us who try to do anything not to act, look, and feel old. And maybe that’s a good thing. But I really enjoy growing older. There is less and less expectation of anything from you. Hey, you’re old and you can’t be expected to work as hard. You can’t be expected to move fast and far. You can play golf everyday and people don’t think you are lazy; after all, you are old.


The other day a guy asked me. Are you retired? I hate that question in that to me it means “Are you DONE yet?” And I am far from being done. But I answered “yep, pretty much.” And that seemed to make him happy. People are looking forward to retirement so they can finally have time to do what they can’t do now because they are working. At least that’s what I get from them. Well it ain’t like that. When you retire you have to “recreate” yourself. You have to be the person who does whatever you want, even if that means doing NOTHING. And NOTHING ain’t half bad for a few weeks or months, but it gets old. And you seem to lose your “value.” I have found that when people stop “creating” they die. I have always said that “men get the personal value from what they DO and women get their value from what they ARE.” That is why women deal better with retirement and men just die. At least that has been my observation. If we don’t have “something” to do, we are not happy. And getting older should give you the opportunity to do what you want when you want to do it. Now, I know that sounds great, but it puts a lot of pressure on you to be able to have time to do whatever you want and not want to do anything. You have to create something to do and that ain’t easy.


So as I get “closer and closer to the close” of life, I have had to recreate myself to give my life value. I want to be valuable to myself and to others so I will have something to live for. And that “something” to live for is ME. I want to live for ME. So what do I want for ME? That is the question. And my answer to the question is to go right back to doing what I always did to give my life personal value. I went back to working again and I love it. Larry is back. I have retired to doing what I did my whole life…working. I hope to make my last client sale on the day I die. And then if there is a life after this one, I hope to sell God on “letting me in.” I am pretty sure I can do that. I am a good salesman. Think about it.