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Larry John is a Television Producer, Business Consultant, Philosopher, Writer, Publisher, and Songwriter, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Investor, Thinker, Humanist, Educator,  Author, Broadcaster, Musician, Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Executive, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Cowboy, Maui Beach Bum, and Founder of THE PRAGMATIC THINKER. For a guy who hates "titles" he sure has a lot of them. Yet being a THINKER brings Larry the most joy.


Larry was born in Mesa, Arizona in 1948. Larry is the son of Charles Floyd John and Opal John. He was almost literally "born" into the advertising and broadcast business. From the time he was 3 years old he was singing and performing for family and friends. At the age of five, he became a weekly "regular" on a local Phoenix TV and radio show, "The Lew King Ranger Show."  Larry sang, tap danced, acted, announced, and did live commercials until the age of 16,when he fell in love with "Rock 'n Roll." He loved music and played drums, guitar, piano, bass, and sang in local bands in the Phoenix area during his teenage years.  Larry started playing drums at age 8 in a Dixieland band, "The Mesa Imps," and continued to play in bands for over 30 years. He still jams with friends and Maui a couple of times a week.

Larry received a Music-Drama scholarship to Arizona State University, where he went for two years. His last two years of college were spent at B.Y.U., where he received his B.A. degree in Advertising and Broadcasting. He later went on to receive his PhD from Harrington University in London (to prove a point.) During his college years in Utah,  Larry played in Rock and Country bands and performed for 10 years on his own TV show, ”Hotel Balderdash", in Salt Lake City. During that time he was also a local morning radio personality on various radio stations and owned his own newspaper, "The Deseret Gazette." It was also during this time in Utah that Larry started his own Advertising Agency.

Larry also had a great interest in Real Estate and became a Real Estate Broker and started his own Real Estate Company.

In 1982 Larry and his family returned to Arizona where he created Larry John Advertising and Public Relations.

In 1984, he joined forces with his life time friend and attorney, John Wright, to form Larry John Wright Advertising, Inc.

Larry John Wright has a staff of nearly 50 professionals and has clients in over 100 markets nationwide. Larry John Wright's main office and studios are located in Mesa, Arizona.

In 2003, Larry was inducted into the Arizona Broadcasters' Association HALL OF FAME, honoring him for his contributions of over 50 years in Broadcasting and Advertising.   In 2006 Larry started Radio Arizona which  featured Arizona Musicians. That station evolved into The Hot Tub Radio Party and then Mesa Talking  Radio and TV  and now to Jamming Now  which now broadcasts ONLINE 24/7.

Larry has written and has had published two books, "Think Rich to Get Rich" and "Larryisms- Book One".

Larry and Michal have been married for 38 years and have 7 children: Jessica, Sam, Joe, Preston, David, Kim, Jackie, and 15 grandchildren.

Larry and Michal now  live full-time on the island of  Maui and love their home in PARADISE.

Larry and Michal can also be found several times a year at their Rendezvous Ranch in Northern Arizona .

Larry is currently working on several new TV shows for syndication including a new version of his TV show Hotel Balderdash which will soon be released nationwide.