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 SHORT Writings

"What does it mean to be Patriotic?"

“What Defines You?”

"Closer and Closer to the Close"

"Marriage MY Way"

"Growing Older but not growing Wiser"


"The Whole World has gone Mad!"

"It's enough to know that it works!"

"Sex is more important"

"Personal Shells"

"Wasted Time"

"Faith and Hope"

As Featured On Ezine Articles" Here are some of my writing from 'long ago.' Several of my writings are written extremely "tongue in cheek" for no other reason than to entertain myself. However, I am "as serious as a heart attack" about my thoughts in other writings! You decide which is which! Many of my writings were what I thought long ago and now I have changed my mind and no longer think that way. I don't care if you agree with me. I only hope my writings make you THINK." - Larry John




The Future of PUBLIC Education in the U.S. 9-18-06

The WHOLE Truth

A Letter to a Friend

I want to LIVE until I DIE

The Dance

Who can you Trust?

When you Stop Creating YOU DIE!

Keeping the Rush Alive  

The Music of YOUR Life


Ethics vs. Morality

Coming of Age  (Click to Listen)

Why do we live in Boxes? (Click to Listen)

All Work and No Play  (Click to Listen)

Trying to Escape- 1/04 (Click to Listen)

The Many Masks I Wear

My Life's Work.

Are you having FUN yet?

What Defines Me?


Money & Business

The Four Pillars of Wealth  (Click to Listen)

Create and Wait!  (Click to Listen)


Government & Politics


Political Ideology (Current Thinking)

Why I'm a Liberal

The Pragmatic Democrat (now an Independent)


Opportunity to Prosper

It Doesn't Matter Anyway!

If the Shoe were on the other foot

The Real War

Umbrella of Liberty

Political Ideology   (Click to Listen)

Right or Left?- 1/04 (Click to Listen)

When is War Justified?

How do you want to be Governed?



Looking for the Answers

Making Sense of it ALL!



The Truth About Truth (Click to Listen)

Fantasy vs. Reality   (Click to Listen)

Cause and Effect Thinking  (Click to Listen)



School vs. Education

The Future of PUBLIC Education in the U.S. 9-18-06



Parenting made HARD!



Like to Love you



One Hell of a Good Time!

Fame! What is it good for? 

What are the Odds?

Why we Love, Love.

Here's Looking at You.



No Admiration for Politicians

God is not feeling too well


Take a Minute to THINK ABOUT IT!

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Contributing Writers

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The Pope

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Don't forget to Breathe

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