No Admiration for Politicians!

By Larry John

Someone asked me the other day about one of my Larryisms and wanted me to clarify what I meant. The Larryism said, "I have no admiration, respect, honor, esteem, degree of deference, or hold in high regard any POLITICIAN, and the sooner everyone feels the same... the better for all of us AND the politicians." Now I can see why that Larryism might seem extremely disrespectful and out-of-line, so here was my response.

"Our thinking on the whole "respect" thing is really upside down. These POLITICIANS (not all, but most of them) think that "we serve them" rather than "they serve us." They see themselves as "above" us in so many ways. They have special rules and laws for themselves, pay less taxes, get paid incredible benefits (that they vote in for themselves), get huge subsidies and retirement packages for as little as 2 years work, are honored as if they were KINGS of yesteryear wherever they go, we bow to them and put them on pedestals as if they were Royalty. They make rules and laws that keep "normal" people out of office and only the RICH and INFLUENTIAL in. Why? They are suppose to represent us....but for the most part they represent their own selfish interests and the interest of their RICH "buddies" who give them money to VOTE for their special interests so they can make more money...and the PEOPLE be damned. They are supposed to be "public servants" no different than a policeman, a fireman, or a trash collector. So the sooner we start treating them as "just people" just like you and me...and without special honor, esteem, or admiration....the better for us (because we will see them as they are...people who work for us) and the better for them (for they will see themselves as they really are also...just elected people who honor the wishes of the PEOPLE they represent). Power to the PEOPLE....not the POLITICIANS! We want a government BY THE PEOPLE....and FOR THE PEOPLE....and not just BY and FOR the RICH and POWERFUL. POLITICIANS are not "BETTER THAN THE PEOPLE" they represent!! WE the PEOPLE and THEY the POLITICIANS need to constantly be reminded of that fact. At least that's the way I see it." - Larry John