Political Ideology

What I think NOW.

This is my POLITICAL THINKING and IDEOLOGY. It is what I currently stand for and support. I encourage discussion on ALL political topics.- Larry John


I stand for the "opportunity to prosper" for all men and women regardless of where they live in the world.


I stand for protecting a REPUBLICAN DEMOCRACY in the United States in which the PEOPLE are sovereign and control the direction of our government by actively participating in electing REPRESENTATIVES who most closely represent our point of view. Many other forms of government also benefit their citizens equally as well.


I stand for protecting the rights of the MINORITY. I believe the MAJORITY'S view is seldom best, fair, and right for our country's citizens and for society.


I stand for the right to work and make a fair living for ALL people of ALL nations.


I stand for Civil Rights for ALL people of ALL nations.


I stand for the Right to Choose.


I stand for allowing the U.S. Constitution to change with the times and with needs and desires of the people.


I stand for supporting the U.S. Bill of Rights.


I stand for total Separation of Church and State.


I stand for Fair Voting Laws and the opportunity for MORE than just two parties to have a VOICE in government.


I stand for the Environment.


I stand AGAINST WAR for any reason as the answer to conflicts and disagreements with other nations.


I stand for people of ALL religions.


I stand for people with NO religion.


I stand for peoples' rights regardless of their sexual preferences.


I stand for protecting, encouraging,  and promoting PRIVATE community enterprises in place of government programs when at all possible.


I stand for a united nation and not a divided nation. 


I stand against the death penalty.


I stand for alternative forms of Education both private and public.


I stand for a change to alternative fuels.


I stand for a National Sales Tax as the most equitable and fair form of taxation.


I stand for a multilateral foreign policy and supports the United Nations as the most effective and economical way to achieve world peace.


I stand for the decriminalization of drugs.


I stand for scientific discovery.


I stand for the rights of women, minorities, the disabled, and those people who need a VOICE in government.


I stand for completely OPEN BORDERS with all countries and encourage FREE TRADE in and out of all nations. I stand for helping other nations prosper so that their citizens WANT to stay in their own country.


I stand against the use of FEAR as a way to control the populous.


I stand stands for animal rights.


I stand for gun control.


I stand for making "private and corporate financed" political lobbying illegal.


I stand for publicly funded elections and for making personal,  corporate, and PAC funding illegal.


I stand against the use of nuclear weapons, chemical warfare, and torture.


I stand against nuclear power plants.


I stand for supporting a one world economy.


I stand for a balanced national budget.


I stand for TERM limits on all elected offices. I think that two terms for any elected office is ENOUGH.


I stand for REINSTATING the DRAFT as a way to have a limited military. The "all volunteer military" makes it too easy for the GOVERNMENT to declare and continue WAR without the support of the PEOPLE.  When the PEOPLE can support or argue against WAR, the PEOPLE have the POWER. People think about the "personal cost of war" when THEIR boys and girls have to go to war. I still stand against ALL wars. I can tolerate and understand other peoples' reasons for "wars of protection of our own borders" but never "wars of aggression" for reasons of revenge and never in another country.