When You Stop Creating YOU DIE!


By Larry John 

We have just moved into our new home on Maui. We love it. The home is on two acres of the most beautifully landscaped “paradise” land in the world. It has the most incredible view of the Hawaiian vegetation and the ocean. I can sit on our huge LANAI and never get tired of the peace and tranquility it provides. We have worked for over 3 weeks cleaning, moving furniture, installing new appliances, decorating, etc., to get it to the point where we can just sit and enjoy life. The “creation” of our new Maui home has been extremely stimulating both mentally and physically. My wife and I would lay awake at night, so tired physically we could hardly move from working all day, and yet our minds would continue to “create” the next day’s projects. We would just lay there thinking about how a room would be designed, how a table would fit in a room, how to put a desk together, how to get furniture up the stairs, what needed to be purchased, what needed to be fixed, who we needed to call, what needed to be cleaned, etc. We have just spent 3 weeks CREATING, and it has been wonderful. Now we are starting new creations because if you stop creating, YOU DIE.

I have always said that an artist’s greatest moments are spent creating, not when the creation was done. Many times I am happiest “writing” a song as opposed to “playing” the song I wrote. When we are creating…. we are living life to the “max.” We are happy when we are creating. We can’t wait to get up in the morning even when our bodies can hardly move. When we are creating we are “actively engaged” in life. The journey of creation is so much more enjoyable than the finality of the creation when the creation is complete. There is actually a moment of “sadness” that comes when you know that your creation is complete, and then you create another project or problem so that you can start another creative journey to keep you alive. I really believe that when we stop creating we die.

I mean, take a look at nature. It is never the same. It is constantly changing, growing, evolving, adapting, or simply creating. The happiest time of creating is normally in the “thinking” process, when the mind is allowed to consider all possibility of the creation. This “spiritual” or “mental” creation of our new creation makes the heart beat harder, our bodies feel better, the world seems happier, and everything seems more wonderful and purposeful. Creation is not limited to just art or writing or gardening or business. Creation is a part of everyday life. I am creating when I enter a room and think, “You know that couch would look better over here than right there” or “ I think I will build a bird house for the little birds so the big birds don’t eat all their seed” or “I think it would be fun to have a Pumpkin Carving party for Halloween and invite all our friends” or “I think I will start a new dog breeding business” or “ I think it would be fun to buy a horse carriage and take the family for rides” or “I am going to go to the desert and take pictures of the morning flowers” or “I am going to buy a home in Maui and fix it up to be a paradise in paradise,” and the creations go on and on.

Creating is like dreaming. When you dream, everything is possible. When you create, all the possibilities of life are open to you, and you concentrate on the “reason why” and the not the “reasons why not.” The second you dream or create an idea, your life is filled with energy and excitement. You have a newfound purpose to LIVE, not just endure life. You get up early and stay up late and yet you are not too tired to enjoy the moment. You may be physically tired, but you have to be exhausted to go to bed. Then after a few hours of sleep, you are ready to go again.  The fact still remains; when you stop creating you die. I really believe that as many people die of a non-purposeful life as they do from disease, and that many diseases are caused from the lack of a “creation based” purposeful life. It seems that, generally speaking, (which may be something we should generally never do) people who have a strong purpose for living and are constantly creating new creations live longer and definitely happier lives.

So what are you creating? Are you currently working on a creation that gives you a reason to live? Are you thinking of new ideas or creations on which you are actively working? What are they? Is your life filled with creations that are more than getting the ironing done, going to work, changing the oil in the car, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, feeding the dogs, making the bed, mopping the floor, going shopping, cooking dinner, taking the kids to school, babysitting the grandchildren, watching TV, eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom and general everyday existing? Sure all of these everyday “existing” activities may be important, and even satisfying, but they are not “creations.” You KNOW when you are creating. You have new found energy and happiness. You have an exhilarating mental and physical newness everyday of your life. You have direction!   You even have the energy and enthusiasm to plow through daily routines. Then when you are done with one creation you have enough sense to create again and again. Your life has a creative purpose. You are always on the journey of self-creation and discovery. It is known that Creating is Living that you live longer and happier…and after all…. if you are going to live…. LIVE WELL!

It is not in the completion of the creation that gives one joy; it is in the journey of creating the creation. Remember, creation is not the same for everyone. What makes one person purposeful would make another miserable. If you told me in order to be creative I need to paint pictures everyday or work in the garden or go on a fishing trip or go snorkeling in the Caribbean… I would say KILL ME NOW! But if I am free to create a new business or move the furniture in the living room or buy and sell real estate or write books or work at the Ranch or ride my Harley to Tucson or place pictures on the wall or play my guitar….well, then I AM IN! I can create and create and create all day long and never get tired.

You decide what you create…. the creation is not important…. creating is what is important…but remember when you stop creating YOU DIE. So CREATE and live long and happy! Think about it.