“The WHOLE Truth!”

By Larry John

I think it is simple to see by my writings that I have no religious affiliation. I don’t believe in a God or a Heaven however, should a God and a Heaven exist, that’s all right with me.  The concept of a God “outside” of myself, and consequently outside of each and every individual, seems counterproductive to me at the present time but I can understand why people enjoy the concept of having a caring, personal, “father” God. Being 100% responsible for your own life is hard to do. I think that most of our “world” exists in our minds and “as we think, so is it.” That doesn’t make our thinking “true” but it does mean that our thinking is true to us personally. I do however; enjoy learning about religions and the way people think about their Gods and what their Gods expect out of them. I don’t need to believe in a life after this one, which most religions teach… if there is one…great. If not, I like the life I am living in the here and now. And if I “hope” for anything after this life, I joy in the concept of reincarnation and I love the concept of KARMA or causation. But who knows if either of those concepts is true. But for NOW I strive to be as pragmatic as possible in my thinking. So I am a NOWIST and strive to live in the NOW as much as possible. I strive to be happy and joyful the same as most everyone else here on earth. I strive to love unconditionally as much as possible. That is not easy, but possible. I choose to think that most of life is GOOD. And I strive to keep my ego as small as possible and my “attachments” to life extremely limited. I strive to give more than I take. I strive to laugh and help others laugh. I am no different than anyone else. I love life and joyfully participate in the sorrows of life. I enjoy the study of philosophy and mythology…. and I  love to THINK. And the teaching and doctrines of all religions are mythologies to me. I don’t see them as TRUTH as much as interesting concepts to “think about.” I have long since stopped trying to explain life by the religious teaching taught to me as a child. Most of our thinking has roots within the "box" of thinking we were raised in. I strive to challenge all my thinking and keep thinking OUTSIDE my “comfort box” of thinking. Many people love to take their scriptures and speculate and hope and make up a mythology that fits their hope. Most of these made up mythologies require a great “leap of faith” and right now I don’t leap. Faith is another silly concept to me if it only leads to having more faith and no proof. People have their own personal "feelings” about where they came from, why they are here, and where they are going after they die…but hey… if that works for them, why not?. And so I say.... SO WHAT? It's a great "movie" but it doesn't change my life. I want a mythology that helps me be happier in the here and now. Most people make up a story that works for them or join a religion and "move in" and believe it as TRUTH. And it is TRUE… but only to them. And that makes me want to say....if you can believe this made up story as truth....then GOD is a RADISH. Of course I don’t think that God is a radish, but if I did, people and religion would have no more validity in their mythology than I would in my “radish” mythology. I know I don’t know and try to stay as pragmatic about my thinking as I can. I don’t like “OOGGA BOOGGA” but do dabble in it from time to time. I like thinking about NOW and the HERE AND NOW and am fine with letting the HERE AFTER (if there is one) just happen. I am just a thinker and maybe not a great one however, thinking makes you happy. I am willing to change my thinking if I can see that my thinking is flawed. Religion of all types whether “organized” or of “one man” is very interesting. I am a curious person. However organized religion or someone’s made up religion or mythology has no value to me more than a great movie that ends by me “thinking about it.” It is all fiction to me. I only know I don’t know…. but what I hope I can know is how to live happier and more joyfully…NOW. I am on a journey to know myself better and as a result be happy and joyful amidst all the sorrows and suffering of life. And I wish happiness and joy for all people as they become more enlightened and awakened… no matter what mythology or religion they pick.  There you go….NOW you know MY WHOLE TRUTH....NOW.