By Larry John

For some time I have been observing how people use the word “Ooopps.” What a great word “Ooopps” is. “Ooopps” seems to forgive all mistakes and accidents. When you use the word “Ooopps” everyone knows that something bad has happened, but when you use the word “Ooopps” you feel as though you can’t be held responsible for what just happened. For example, let’s say that you accidentally splash water on your shirt when you are washing your hands. Normally the first thing most of us say when something happens that we are not expecting is “Ooopps.” Based on the amount of water splashed on our shirt, it will determine how “loud” we say “Ooopps.” If we splash just a little water on our shirts we may just think “Ooopps,” and if we splash a lot of water on our shirt we may yell “Ooopps.” There is an “Oooppps” threshold however, and it is surpassed when the seriousness of the mistake forces us to exclaim, “Shit.” Yet, in most of life’s little accidents and unforeseen errors and mistakes, “Ooopps” works.

“Ooopps” I forgot to feed the dogs.

“Ooopps” I left the water running.

“Ooopps” I dropped the pan.

“Ooopps” I need to hurry.

“Ooopps” I didn’t mean to do that.

“Ooopps” I am going to be late.

“Ooopps” I ripped my pants.

“Ooopps” that was a mistake.

“Ooopps” how did that happen?

“Ooopps” I forgot to pick up the kids.

“Ooopps” I missed my appointment.

And just like magic, all is OK again. When you say “Ooopps” the mistake is forgiven and you are no longer to blame for what happened. In the moment it takes you to say “Ooopps,” everything is back to normal. But some of us live life thinking that “Ooopps” always works for whatever goes wrong. The fact of the “Ooopps” matter is “Ooopps” just doesn’t fix all mistakes.

“Ooopps” I forgot to pay my taxes.

“Ooopps” there were no weapons of mass destruction.

“Ooopps” we shot the wrong person.

“Ooopps” I hit your car.

“Ooopps” I forgot to go to work.

“Ooopps” we elected the wrong person for President.

“Ooopps” I forgot to get dressed this morning.

“Ooopps” I hit my wife.

“Ooopps” I shot and killed him.

“Ooopps” we bombed your house.

“Ooopps” our schools are in real financial trouble.

“Ooopps” there are more and more poor people.

“Ooopps” I hate my brother.

“Ooopps” I forgot about equal rights.

“Ooopps” I molested that child.

“Ooopps” we don’t have enough fire fighters.

“Ooopps” we didn’t think they would really fly airplanes into the twin towers.

“Ooopps” we robbed the social security fund.

“Ooopps” we are really in debt.

“Ooopps” I thought everyone wanted democracy.

“Ooopps” I didn’t really mean, “Bring it on.”

“Ooopps” I guess bombing a country won’t make them love us.

“Ooopps” we lost our freedom to choose.

“Ooopps” we gave up our civil rights.

“Ooopps” I forgot to put my kids in seat belts.

“Ooopps” there is no middle-class.

“Ooopps” there is no separation of church and state.

“Ooopps” paying people minimum wage is not enough.

“Ooopps” we have no more farmers.

“Ooopps” we have outsourced all our jobs.

“Ooopps” China is a world power.

“Ooopps” we paid professional journalists to future our political agenda.

“Ooopps” the stock market crashed.

“Ooopps” our money is worthless.

“Ooopps” our water is polluted.

“Ooopps” there is no more ozone.

“Ooopps” the rest of the world hates us.

“Ooopps” the United Nations is no more.

“Ooopps” we needed at least two parties.

“Ooopps” where have all the forests gone?

“Ooopps” we’re loosing a lot of our young fathers in war.

“Ooopps” our borders aren’t protected.

“Ooopps” the administration lied to us.

“Ooopps” “Ooopps” “Ooopps” “Ooopps” “Ooopps”

“Ooopps” does not always make all things right again. Sure “Ooopps” works sometimes with some mistakes and mishaps, but when it comes to most of life’s important mistakes “Ooopps” just doesn’t work. There is another word that normally follows “Ooopps” and that is “SORRY.”  You know like “Ooopps… sorry I didn’t mean to do that.” Or “Ooopps” I didn’t know that. SORRY.” Perhaps there are too many “sorry” people using too many sorry “Oooppses” as an excuse for their actions. “Ooopps” doesn’t make all things OK again. We need more purposeful THINKERS and less purposeful “Oooppsers.” If we keep our heads in the sand long enough… “Ooopps” will be all we will be left with. SORRY! Think about it.