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“Create and Wait!”

By Larry John

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate any “OOGA BOOGA” in my life. I love to observe life through the practical, pragmatic and scientific way of thinking. I don’t understand the pervasive thinking behind things like “miracles.” To me a miracle is something that happens about 50% of the time, and to me those ain’t great odds. I resist begging and pleading with God for a miracle to happen. But to say there is a lot I don’t understand about HOW things work in this world would be an understatement. There are certainly thousands of “laws” that are alive and well in the universe that I have yet to discover. Some of us find these “laws” just by living, some discover the “laws” through religion, some through thinking and observing, and some learn these “laws of universal order” through scientific experimenting. Pragmatically and scientifically thinking, we are looking to call a law a “law” when the outcome or result of using that “law” is 100% predictable. It’s not good enough for me if a law only works 50% of the time. If H2O only produced water 50% of the time that’s not good enough to call it a “truth” or a predictable law that I can count on when I’m thirsty.

So that said, here I go writing about an “OOGA BOOGA” that, for me, has an outcome that is 100% predictable. I have never known this principle to not work. For me this principle works, yet when you first hear this “universal law” you will think that I have lost my mind. The fact is “I have FOUND my mind.” I call it CREATE AND WAIT! It’s a little like Napoleon Hill’s statement, “Whatever the mind can conceive and can believe it can achieve.” Now I know that what I am about to tell you will sound too simple. I know that this will sound too easy. I know that this will sound too “OOGA BOOGA” for most people, but again this ain’t no “OOGA BOOGA!” It is a basic and fundamental “law of life.” If you want something….anything…all you have to do is CREATE AND WAIT and be willing to ACT when the window of opportunity opens. As sure as night follows day…the “window of opportunity” will open. But you have to be ready to “jump in” as soon as it opens, because the window of opportunity will “slam shut” quickly and it is nearly impossible to get it to open again.

The basic principle is that “things must be created spiritually (or in the mind) before they can be manifested physically.” The mind has to create that which we want before that which we want will physically manifest itself. But that said, “Creation” is not wishing for something to happen, or hoping for something to happen, or even wanting something to happen. Creation is hard work. You have to “train” your mind to “create” and hold on tightly to the thought of your “creation” while all the time “knowing” that your creation will be “made manifest physically” while you do NOTHING. And again, all you have to do is CREATE and WAIT for your window of opportunity to open. I am not sure HOW this principle works, I am not sure WHY this principle always works, but then I don’t know how electricity works either. But just because I don’t know what makes electricity work doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. I know HOW to use electricity and sometimes that’s all that matters. And so it is with the principle of CREATE AND WAIT.  One thing is for sure, the MIND NEVER SLEEPS. You may sleep, but your mind just keeps on ticking. Let me give you an example of one of the first times I KNEW I was using this law of CREATE AND WAIT. I had used the principle all my life as most people do, but I was unaware of it. About 15 years ago I bought a new house for my family. It was one of only a couple of homes built in the community at the time. This new home was on an acre of horse property. There was no landscaping, just dirt and weeds everywhere. Most every day I would go outside in the back of my home and just stand there and look at the land for an hour or so a day. After seeing me do this for several days my wife asked me why I kept doing this and I would tell her, “I am creating my fences.” She would say, “You mean that you are planning where to put your fences?” and I would say, “It is more like I am creating my fences. I am standing here seeing my fences for my horses, the arena, the gates, the shades, seeing our kids riding and laughing, seeing the horses drinking from the troughs, and creating the hitching posts, cement washing pads, hay barn, and the tack house. I can actually see the fences. To me all these things are as real as real.”

Now to a normal person this creating would be conceived as stupid as stupid can be. But to me, spending time creating by actively thinking about my creation, planting it firmly in my mind, was (and now is) as normal as normal can be. And the funny thing about creation is that the more you create the easier it is to have your creations manifest themselves “physically”… faster! Most of the time now, I can have my creations come “alive physically” within days if not hours.  But I digress, so back to the creation of my fences. At the time I didn’t have the money to buy the fences and a tack house. I just had the creation of the fences planted firmly in my mind. I did however have a “pop up camping trailer” for sale and I had it advertised in the newspaper. Within a week or so after creating my fences and continually holding the image of my creation in my mind, I got a call from a person wanting to buy my “pop up camping trailer.” The man called and asked me about the trailer and then said that he didn’t have any money but would I be interested in “trading” my trailer for his services. I asked what he did and….yep, you guessed it… he made and welded four bar horse fences. He had all the materials and the laborers to get the job done and wanted to know if I needed his services in trade for my old trailer. THE WINDOW HAD OPENED! I of course said that I would love to trade my old pop up camper trailer for my four bar horse fences and the deal was done. And it was just a few weeks later that a company called and wanted to trade my advertising services for a Tack Shed. Call it coincidence if you want, but to me it was the physical manifestation of my mind’s creation. And I have hundreds of OOGA BOOGA CREATE AND WAIT stories just like this one.

So, just like religion, I am asking you to take a “leap of faith” and “create and wait.” You can have anything in the world you want. Anything! I don’t mean you can raise the dead, but you can get a promotion at work or a 100-acre ranch if you want. You decide. It’s like the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” I mention this also because, consciously or not, you can also create some really unhappy things.  I knew a woman who walked around the high school track every day.  Everyday while she walked she spoke of how miserable she was and how much she hated her husband.  There were no options for this woman; after months of miserable thinking, she divorced her husband and has remained miserable.  So, yes, be careful what you create for yourself. The more you create, believing that you will indeed posses your creation, the more often and the more quickly you will have the creation of your “mind and thinking” made manifest “physically.” 

Man, I can’t believe I am asking you to try this. You know how I feel about OOGA BOOGA! I feel the same way about medicine men, psychics, fortunetellers, voo doo, healers, priests, seers, and any type of OOGA BOOGA.  But that said, this principle of “creation” works with 100% results. I don’t have it happen 50%, 60% or 70% of the time. It works 100% of the time with 100% accuracy. Try it and just wait for the window of opportunity to open, because it must open. The universe has no choice but to give it to you. The hardest part is SEEING when the window opens and being willing to JUMP IN immediately when it does. Remember you can’t hesitate, or the window of opportunity will slam shut! If you allow the “window” to open too many times without jumping in, it will stop opening. They say that, “He who hesitates is lost.” I say, “He who hesitates is not only lost...but so are his powers to create.” Use it or lose it!

One more thing, remember what I said about your mind never sleeping. Use that fact to not only “create” by thinking and focusing on your creation just before falling asleep, but also as a way to “solve hard problems.” Just do this. When you have a dilemma that you are having a problem solving, when you go to bed as you are falling asleep, say to yourself, “While I am sleeping I will have my mind work on this problem and when I awake I will have the answer!” It is kind of like having an operation. You go into the operating room, they put you to sleep, and when you wake up you have had an 8-hour six-bypass heart surgery. And all you did was sleep. Your mind has thousands of doctors working full time to solve your problems while you are asleep. If you will let your mind work on your problems while you are sleeping, you will have the solution to your problem when you wake up. After all, eight hours is a long time to think about something without coming up with a solution. And this works for creating, inventing, problem solving, business solutions, family problems, “love” problems, money problems, and all the normal concerns of everyday life. And all you do is “sleep on it.”

Create and Wait and Sleep on it! That’s it! This “talent” of using your mind is just like playing the piano. At first it is hard and seems impossible, but the longer and harder you practice, the easier and more fun it becomes to play the piano. Hey, I am not asking you to believe me…just be a pragmatic “thinking scientist” and experiment with this principle, or law of the universe. What will it hurt? I might just be right (and I assure you I am).  And if I am not right … you will have some “imaginary fun” and you will get lots of sleep. How bad can that be? Think about it.