A Letter to a Friend!

By Larry John  

I am not a Buddhist. I am a THINKER.
I believe "your hope structure" logic has as much meaning and validity as that of Buddhism and Christianity and all the world religions.
Your "tales" and their "tales" have equal validity. I see no difference between your validity and that of the Buddha or Jesus or Moses or Joseph Smith or Paul or Luke or Mohamed, or the Dali lama. They were all just THINKERS too....and people believed their words. But just because these people had "followers" doesn't mean they had a corner on THINKING and "truth." Followers are easy to get. Most everyone wants to be told what to believe and what to do. Following takes the work out of THINKING. THINKING is hard work.
We must all create our own mythology by which we live or be willing to live by someone else's mythology. I choose to live by my own mythology. I choose to work out my own salvation. I choose to gain my own exaltation. I choose to THINK.
I enjoy the study of all thought (including yours) and then choose for myself the "mythology" by which I live my life. I live the mythology of Larry. You need to live the mythology of David. THINKING allows us to follow separate and different paths to joy with different mythologies. We will all arrive at the same "earthly" and "heavenly" conclusions eventually if given enough time. Cause and effect is a great teacher. I don't think one life time is enough.
We all need Saviors to forgive us of our ignorance and greed (SIN) and allow us to become like them.
It is only when THINKING stops that we are "stuck in the mud." We can't go back and we can't progress forward.
I love goodness. I love mercy. I love laugher. I love happiness and joy. And I love YOU. I THINK I love you, therefore I do.
I believe your "tales" to be as true to you as any "tales" told by "legendary figures." Why not? You decide what you believe. This is YOUR journey. This is your life. You must choose to follow the path that inspires you to greatness and joy. Your "tales" make perfectly logical sense to me based on the frame work and foundation of your teaching and your thinking.
I am willing to "leave my home, mother, father, friends and family" in order to find personal truth and enlightenment...and when I realize that my personal mythology may need some tweaking in order for me to arrive at a greater true joy, abundant wisdom, and empowering awakening... I "leave" the comfort of my old THINKING to embrace the comfort of my new THINKING.
I have a better opportunity to "leave" than you do or most people do. You shouldn't leave. Your family needs you right where you are... but you can THINK if you choose to know that you don't know. And I enjoy THINKING with long as neither one of us has to be "right."
The study of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Mormonism, Protestantism, Atheist, Agnosticism, and all the "isms" has given me "food" for thought. That's all. I love to THINK.
I have noticed that in order for me to really THINK outside my "box" I need to challenge my current thinking by learning what others think. It doesn't mean I begin thinking like they think.....I never change my thinking unless I can see great potential for happiness and joy. But regardless...I THINK.
I want to see things as they really are. I want to find peace, tranquility, happiness, and joy just like everyone else but I believe we can have total compete happiness and joy right the here and now...right here on earth. And it all starts with my thinking.
I know I have within me the power to be like the Gods and Buddhas...enlightened and joyful. I visit "heaven" and "nirvana" often for short periods of time....and I like what I see there. I am not a "permeate resident" yet. I don't see visions or talk to angels...I find the real ME there....and I understand the real ME...and see clearly my faults, desires, ambitions, and ignorance...and I desire to change and become the GOD inside me. Like you say..."We are children of God"...but I want to grow up and become an adult. I don't want to be Peter Pan.
I am a THINKER...that's all...and that's I want to be. I think you may be a THINKER too.