Archived 12-03

ďLooking for the AnswersĒ

By Larry John


I have tried them all in my search for truth

On a hungered quest since I was a youth

Astrologists, Numerologists, and Tarot Cards Readers,

Psychics, Seers, and spiritual leaders


Iíve tried them all, seeking to unlock the door

While questioning one I would find one more

All in search of this thing called God

Using my heart as my measuring rod


Using my mind to question my heart

Even using my money paying my tenth part

Reading, pondering, medicating, and praying

All the time my belief in God was fraying


Iíve forgotten more ďtruthĒ than most people have learned

Spending sleepless nights I have tossed and turned

For I had to know and see God for myself

A thousand books sit upon my shelf


The more I learn the less made sense

Iíve spent my life sitting on the fence

First Jesus then Buddha, then no God at all

Iíve spent so much time at the Wailing Wall


Begging God to let me know if truth could be

Known to a simple seeking man like me

Or was it all a lie told to make us feel glad

Why were others so happy when I was so sad?


Or maybe all life IS suffering and in the abyss

Maybe to follow ones dream and to follow oneís bliss

Is nothing more than a placebo pill

That we all have to take to understand free will


And the road to Mecca has many paths and ways

And the truth has not changed since the early days

When we looked at the stars and the cards for the answers

ĎCause on the stage of life we are all fickled dancers

We must learn over again from the past the same thing

That we must let go from the truth that we cling

The truth of the matter is that truth doesnít matter

And you must let go and all beliefs you must shatter.


In order to find you must lose what we know

Let go of the rod and only then will God show

That to know that you know you must be willing to submit

Itís all about you, to yourself now commit


The journey to truth is a road with no end

The more that you know the less time you will spend

Studying the journey of others, those journeys were theirs

The real journey is yours so get rid of the prayers


Itís not about begging the stars and the cards

Itís not about numbers or inches and yards

Itís not about Mecca or Allah or Zeus

Itís not about Buddha or men who seduce


Itís all about NOW, Ďcause thatís all that we know

Be it the past or the future we must let it go

The more that you know it is JOY that we seek

Itís not about being humble and meek


Itís all about YOU; it is YOU you must love

There is no below, there is no above

The Psychics, and Seers, and spiritual leaders

Love you for your money they are true bottom feeders


Listen to your mind and your heart for the truth

Your heart and your mind are the bloom of your youth

Stay young in your thinking, always wanting to learn

Commit to commitment, it is wisdom you yearn.


Let Jesus and Buddha and Allah live on

The words of the dead are as dead as St. John

Let the Seers see the future and reveal all they can

As for me thereís no more than to say that I AM.




Think about it.