Archived 11-03

“Are you having FUN yet?”

By Larry John


The other day I was talking to my son, Joe, and he was saying: “Wouldn’t it be funny if when we died we all got up to the pearly gates in Heaven and God said to us, ‘Why didn’t you have more FUN?’”


Maybe that’s what “LIFE” is all about…. FUN. Are we having FUN? We might not be able to agree on if there is God or not, or what form or no form God is, but we can agree that FUN is a FUN thing to have in life. I am not sure that I am having as much FUN as God would want me to have. Again, this is not a discussion on the existence of what people call God; I am just concerned with the importance of FUN.  The serious problem is that having a FUN time in life is hard to do. What is FUN to me may not be what is FUN to you. I know that both of us know when we are having FUN or not having FUN, and I really believe that I don’t have enough FUN in life. I want more. I want to forget being so serious about life and be serious about not being serious and have more FUN in life. Fun might be an acronym for when you Forget Useless Nonsense. When we forget the stupid useless fears, troubles, concerns, or nonsense of life, we start to have fun. When we have a FUN time we have a time “free” from the cares of the world, and full of the relaxing powers of the world. Life is a dream, Shaboom!


I want to have more FUN. I want to relax more, play more, do what I want to do more, go where I want to go more, free myself from worry, concern, and troubles. I am ready to live life as a COMEDY. Now that would be FUN. What if all life was just a comedy and the goal was to “get the Joke”? Now that would be funny. The meaning of life is to learn to laugh and have FUN. Laughter seems to always be part of FUN. But FUN is much more. Fun is a sovereign feeling, free to function without “reason” or “logic.” Fun is independent to operate within any sphere of life we assign to it. Whatever I define as FUN…is FUN. But if you can define FUN…it isn’t. FUN is beyond the explanation of FUN. It exists independent of our control. There is not a right or wrong, black or white, is or isn’t to FUN. FUN is…and that’s all there is about it.  I have to right to decide to choose to have FUN. No one can take that FUN part of FUN away from me. I am the center of the FUN universe, and all FUN revolves around me. So if I decide to have FUN, I choose to have FUN the rest of my life. No one can take my FUN away from me. Throw me in prison or make me go to church (a rhetorical statement) and I will have FUN. I will laugh, joke, kid, tease, giggle, be sarcastic, be light-hearted and frivolous, giddy, ditsy, crazy, or silly. I will have FUN no matter who I am with and no matter where I go. I am a FUN guy, who lives in a FUN way, who has a FUN life, who refuses to take anything seriously except FUN, who loves to laugh, who thinks FUN is the only true absolute truth (as funny as that may seem). I am FUN, you are FUN, they are FUN, it is FUN, and God is FUN, and God wants us to have as much FUN as She is having. Invite FUN over for dinner and a movie. That would be FUN. Go dancing with FUN. Run with FUN. Live with FUN. Do everything in life for one reason only…FUN. After all it’s the FUN thing to do. Now I am having FUN! Are you having FUN yet?


Think about it.