Archived 10-03


By Larry John

 I’ve been thinking a lot about the word GET and how GET is such a part of our lives. See if you GET it.  Here’s what I’m trying to GET you to understand.

I GET around.

GET hitched.

GET out of town.

GET in. GET out.

GET done.

GET moving.

GET going.

GET over it.

GET your fair share.

GET it together.

GET a grip.

GET in touch.

GET on with it.

GET ready.

GET as much as you can.

GET some.

GET funky.

GET out.

GET through it all.

GET happy.

GET high.

GET to bed.

GET married.

GET educated.

Don’t GET stupid on me.

GET mellow.

GET by.

GET Smart.

GET going.

GET screwed.

GET angry.

GET buff.

GET laid.

GET paid.

GET religion.

GET drunk.

GET tough.

GET a clue.

GET skinny.

GET dressed.

GET undressed.

GET naked.

GET dirty.

GET lucky.

GET pregnant.

GET sued.

GET away with it.

GET out of it.

GET away.

GET locked out.

GET famous.

GET upset.

GET elected.

GET fat.

GET rich.

GET time.

GET seen.

GET informed.

GET on the road, again.

GET in trouble.

GET underway.

GET out of jail free.

GET more.

GET a jump on it.

GET even.

GET a divorce.

GET the hell out. 

GET “whacked.”

GET a life.

GET hammered.

GET out of Dodge.

GET a move on.

GET on top of it.

GET it up.

When will we GET there?

GET busy.

GET out of here.

GET it, got it, good.

GET with it.

GET has to be one of our favorite words. GET what I mean?  After all, we all love to GET down at night. But we hate to GET up in the morning. GET my drift? And I am sure I will come up with more when I GET around to it. But right now I’ve got to GET-a- long and GET to it…I guess you might say, I’ve got to GET. Think about it.