Archived 10-03


By Larry John

Is beauty universal? What I mean is, what one man thinks is beautiful, do all men think is beautiful? Is one color better and more beautiful than another color? What makes one dress prettier or more beautiful than another? Is one “form” of a woman more “desirable” than another? Is a woman who is blonde more beautiful and desirable for men than a brunette? Is the human body more beautiful and desirable skinnier than fatter…. but how much skinner or how much fatter? It is no mystery that humans “worship” or “love” FORM. But is the love of a certain FORM universal? In other words, is all beauty always beautiful to all mankind?  Did we all come out of the womb loving blondes more than brunettes, blue more than red, skinny more than fat, etc? But why do we love or worship a particular or certain type of form more than another? What makes one man handsome and another man plain or ugly? What makes one woman attractive or even desirable, and another woman down right ugly? Who decides this? Do we? Or is like or dislike of “form” learned?

Let ‘s all go to a strip bar to prove my point. No place is FORM more prevalent and obvious than at a strip bar. It is a very serious place for men. There is not a whole of laughter at a strip bar. Men sit and watch the “FORM” of a woman and ogle. And if you don’t think that FORM is important in a strip bar you have another think coming. At the end of the night men can tell you every blood vessel in a woman’s breasts, but they wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a line up unless she were naked. Form is very important at a strip bar. “Most” men would boo a fat hairy woman off the stage. Men go to the strip bar for one reason… to SEE FORM. And the form they have come to see has a right and wrong. Form at a strip bar is good or bad. Form at a strip bar is sexy or not.  Man can imagine this form in a million different ways, but it is the FORM that they have come to see and worship, not the woman. But who told these men what form of woman was good and what form of woman was bad. It is not about seeing a woman naked, it is about seeing FORM that turns them on. But one man can be turned on by one type of form, while another man is made sick.

My case in point is the “necklace women” in Africa. You know, the women that put on necklace after necklace until their necks are two feet long. Then they may give a sexy accent to their look by adding a bone in their nose. This form absolutely sends the men of the tribe into a sexual tizzy. When one of these long-necked, bony-nosed women walks by, there’s a whole lot of African “hummana hummana.”  But, for most of us American Cowboys…. this is a real turn OFF. Why? Who told the African men that this long-necked, bony-nosed FORM was sexy and who told the Cowboys it wasn’t? In the immortal words of Bart Simpson, “I didn’t do it!” 

So, is universal beauty real or learned? Are the Africans right and are the American Cowboys wrong? I know you may say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but who tells me that what I am beholding is pretty or ugly, sexy or repulsive? Did all American men always think the same as we do now or is “pretty and sexy” always evolving? Were men at the turn of the century crazy because they like a “big boned” strong woman, or are the men of today stupid when they love a skinny frail “Barbie” of a woman? Well, if you really look at it, FORM WORSHIP is quite stupid. But we all do it. Yes, even women are guilty of form worship.

It is quite popular nowadays for women to also go to their version of “strip bars.”  But there is a big difference. Women go to these “strip shows” with friends to have fun. There is a whole lot of laughing, clapping, and yelling in a “for women’s” strip bar. At a “for males” strip bar, if it weren’t for the loud music, you could hear a pin drop. At a for female strip show, it is hard to hear the music over the laughter and yelling. So, women go to strip shows to have fun and be with friends. So does that mean women don’t worship FORM in the same way men do? You bet woman worship form, just a different kind of form worship.

Women have to go shopping to do their form of FORM worship. They love the FORMS they find at the Mall. Like the for men’s “strip bar”, the mall is a very serious place for women. They call it shopping, but it is just another form or FORM WORSHIP. Things are pretty or not. Things look good or they don’t. But it is interesting to me that many of the things some women think are absolutely wonderful, other women think are ugly, ugly, ugly. So who is right? Or is there a right or wrong, cute or ugly, handsome or plain, a turn-on or a turn-off?

Could it be that when it comes to human-to-human form worship, we all are perfect to someone, regardless of our “form”? Could it be that when it comes to form worship a woman with a big butt is just a beautiful and sexy as a women with a small butt? Could it be that a big-breasted woman has no better FORM than a small-breasted woman or visa versa?  Could it be that FORM worship is stupid? Could it be that we have all been “brainwashed” to think what is beautiful and what is ugly. Perhaps nothing or no one is ugly, beautiful, sexy, handsome, cute, good looking, stunning, pretty, or gaga? Maybe things and people just ARE. And that’s all there is to form. Is form worship something we have just learned? Someone said, “WOW, I love her long sexy legs” and from then on we thought that long legs were sexy? I know for sure, the form worship of women has changed in the last hundred years and perhaps Grandpa was right. We used to consider the cars of the sixties as “WOW and NOW”…and now those big “wings” look a little ridiculous when compared to the cars of today. But one thing for sure…what goes around comes around. Form worship is just another great example of “everything is relative.”

So as Joe Cocker (and others) sang…. “You are so beautiful…. to me…you are so beautiful…. to me…. Can’t you see…?

But maybe you’re not…. Maybe you are just beautiful… to me…and only me.

Think about it.