Archived 1/04

 What is it we are trying to escape?

By Larry John


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 What is it that we are trying to run from? What is it that we are trying to escape? Is life so bad that we must slow it down or speed it up or shut it out or weird it out or turn it up, turn it down, turn it upside down, spin it around, and forget it all? Is it that life is so bad that if we don’t escape in some way, some how, or some times, some of us -  if not all of us - will kill ourselves or endure life rather than live it?

But we know that killing ourselves would be wrong. So, we must have vices that will kill us covertly. Some of these vices are not as “killing” as others, but they are all vices. We all must die, but maybe not today. We are all trying to escape reality in search of the some sort of numbing, dulling, drunken stage of artificial reality and with the escape comes the death of self. Now I realize that there are some who have chemical reasons that are beyond their control. I am not talking about chemical imbalances here. I am just talking about most of us who just want to escape.

But again I ask, what is it that we don’t like about this existence? What is it that we can’t stand about living in a real world of no “rose colored glasses” reality? If life were so great, there wouldn’t be as many of us trying to make it go away, and there isn’t one of us that is without vice. We all choose one or another, but we all have our vice of choice. We may have one or one hundred. You know we do. What is your vice? What is it you turn to, to make the world go away? Is it alcohol, drugs, painkillers, sex, food, or something else?  You know what it is. Be honest with yourself, what is it?

But again I ask, what is it that you (we) are running away from? Are we all running away from life? Some thinkers have said that LIFE is just another word for GOD. So, are we running away from GOD, however you define the word? Some say another word for GOD is MIND. Are you running way from the inner thoughts of your inner self, that voice inside you that you can’t escape? What is your MIND, or LIFE, or GOD telling you that you don’t want to hear?

Sure you say that I am not talking about you. I am talking about all those other guys. Not you, right? Well, think again. We all run from LIFE. We all say I’ve got to get away. But get away from WHAT? Are you saying you are just escaping from work, your hard life, normality, family, friends, bills, clients, customers, the world, responsibility, accountability, etc.? You deserve a break today, right? But you deserve a break today from what? You can only deceive yourself so long and then you have to look yourself in the mirror and see the real reflection of your true character. You have to stop denying the LIFE that is yours and stop using all the vices that keep YOU from YOU. It’s the great cover up of life.

So, if you really don’t know what it is you are trying to escape FROM…what do you want to escape TO? What is it that is lacking in your life that would make it “right” for you? If you don’t know what it is you’re running away FROM, you can decide what it is you want to run TO.

Knowing where you are going makes the present and the past just part of the process of arriving.  Where is it you are going? Do you know? If you knew where you were going, you wouldn’t want to run away any longer. You would cease to shut out the LIFE you have and open YOU to the LIFE you want and must have. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there, and all the roads will be boring, unclear, miserable, sad, stupid, and without meaning. Stop the madness.

Life has no meaning. YOU give it meaning. What is the meaning of YOUR LIFE?

Think about it.